ARGA Ratifies!!

After months of negotiations with the ARGA employers, the contract was ratified by the members on September 30, 2014 by a 3:1 margin in both the meat and grocery contracts!  

  • For all current employees, there will be no co-pay and health insurance for the term of the contract.  The Employer’s new contribution rate for full-time employees for October will increase to $1330, and then increase to $1410 per month in August 2015. For part-time employees, the rate will move to $485 per month, and then increase to $525 per month in August 2015.
  • Pay rates have been increased for the top and over-scale members, depending on what scale members are in.  The increases are between $.20 and $.30 effective September 30, 2014 and again on July 26, 2015.  All other employees will receive their current step increase for the term of the contract.
  • Another big change for post 5/1/05 hires: members will receive one week of vacation after one year of service, two weeks after two years of service and three weeks after eight years of service.

These are some of the major changes to both contracts. We will update both contracts with all the changes since 2011 - please be patient as this will take some time to complete!  In the meantime, take off your buttons, but don’t put them away for too long, as we’ll be back at the table in 18 months.  A big THANK YOU to the bargaining committee for your patience and time through this long process, but it was worth it!!