Petition: Hy-Vee, Support Good Jobs for Minnesota Families

As Hy-Vee opens stores across the Twin Cities area, we urge them to be a good employer and respect the workers' choice to join together in a union without interference or fear of retaliation, should they seek to do so. Add your name now! Tell Hy-Vee to commit now to being a responsible and respectful employer. If Hy-Vee workers want to join a union, we need to make sure Hy-Vee allows them to form one.

Good jobs, good wages, and benefits raise the standard of living for the families in our communities. Our Union, UFCW 1189, represents workers in the grocery industry. We have fought for those things throughout the state for all workers for years.

That's why so many grocery jobs in Minnesota are good jobs -- because they are union jobs that give workers a voice in their stores.

Hy-Vee, a non-union Iowa-based grocery store, is planning on opening more stores in Minnesota -- including in your neighborhood. Unfortunately Hy-Vee isn't living up to their claim of good jobs.

Just like at Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee workers are told they don’t need a union. Employees are able to purchase stock in the company, but owning a few shares of company stock is not a guarantee. It is not a contract. It won’t give a voice or security at work.

Workers at Hy-Vee should be able to decide on joining UFCW without any pressure from the owners to not join or freely discuss their options.

But they need your support to withstand Hy-Vee's anti-union propaganda. Will you join us in telling Hy-Vee to respect their workers' choice to join together in a union without fear of retaliation, if they seek to do so?

Together we can make sure Hy-Vee does not interfere with the workers’ right to vote to be a union workplace.  

Sign the petition now.

Thank you for your support of Minnesota's grocery workers.