After several months of meeting, an agreement was finally reached. Late in the evening on Thursday, March 19th the Employer presented the Union bargaining committee with an offer that everyone could recommend.

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Reproduced from The Nation, Michelle Chen blog:

For $35 at Kum Gang San, the famous Korean restaurant group based in Flushing, Queens, you can get a good deal on a platter of fresh Golbi beef with special sauce. And for many years, that's how much a worker typically got paid for an all-day shift.

There is now widespread agreement across the political spectrum that wage stagnation is the country’s key economic challenge. As EPI has documented for nearly three decades, wages for the vast majority of American workers have stagnated or declined since 1979 (Bivens et al. 2014). This is despite real GDP growth of 149 percent and net productivity growth of 64 percent over this period. In short, the potential has existed for adequate, widespread wage growth over the last three-and-a-half decades, but these economic gains have not trickled down to the vast majority.

According to a new independent report from the Economic Roundtable, raising the minimum wage to $15.25 will create $5.9 billion for LA’s economy, generate 46,400 new jobs, and increase state and local tax revenue by $414 million.  Read more here