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Help UFCW Local 1189 in the Fight to Find a Cure!
Sunday October 16, 2016
4:00 pm at the Depot in Minneapolis
Please join Local 1189's team effort today by making a donation or join us for the walk (there is still time!)

Members often ask- why are we involved in politics?  Because we need to be engaged on the local, county, state, and federal level.  Most of the work is centered on the state house and state senate.  Our day-to-day lives are impacted by what they decide, fund, and guide with public policy.  We have helped shape new legislation in the last few years that have improved our members' lives.

For example, a broad coalition of groups worked together to increase funding for nursing homes.  The effect was an increase in wages and benefits for our members.

Local 1189 and its negotiating committee met with the Employer on October 11, 2016.  The Employer discussed the current financial information as it relates to the facility and its budget.  The Union presented its proposal and discussion items.  We also discussed the current staffing issues.  We have scheduled two additional meetings -- November 1 and December 16, 2016.  Both meetings will be held at Lake City City Hall beginning at noon. Click on the links to view:

The bargaining ended Wednesday, October 12, 2016 with a tentative agreement that comes with the bargaining committee's recommendation to accept. We will be voting on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 with a visit to each store for 15 minutes and then Union Representative Jim Gleb will be at the Labor Temple in Eau Claire for a two-hour period so members can stop in and vote on the recommended tentative agreement as well. We will be getting a letter out to all members with store vote times and the time at the Eau Claire Labor Temple as well.

From, 10/11/16:  Our health system is sick. One business executive quipped, “If you tried to design a health care system that didn't work, you couldn't have done a better job.”  High health care costs led to multiple reforms, from the Nixon era to the Obama administration. Those efforts aimed to save money by limiting provider networks, requiring referrals and prior authorizations, and using ever larger co-pays and deductibles.